10th October 2019

Employment Collaboration with Mendaki Sense

Social Enterprise Network Singapore (SENSE), or better known as Mendaki SENSE is a subsidiary of YAYASAN Mendaki. With Singapore being large on campaigning the importance of lifelong learning, SENSE is a continuing education and training organisation that fully supports the campaign’s objective.

SENSE ensures that beneficiaries such as Job Seekers and Back-to-Work Women, will gain relevant skills and knowledge to build career growth and sustainability. The organisation has different lifelong learning courses that Singaporeans can sign up for such as InfoComm Technology, Leadership & People management, Employability Skills, and many more.

Other than the available courses online, SENSE has a collaborative partnership with different partners and one of them is Coddle. The collaborative partnership began back in mid-2018 when both organisations saw the opportunity to collaborate to further help beneficiaries who were still looking for a job or those who just want a kick-start to their career. They were given the opportunity to be gainfully employed with Coddle and those who were referred, has since then made great career progression.

With such excellent effort and initiative, Coddle was kindly awarded for their Outstanding Contribution in recognition for its collaborative partnership and support with Mendaki SENSE, at the SENSE Hari Raya Appreciation High Tea earlier this year along with many other social entrepreneurs.

The event was in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The objective of the event was to acknowledge partners and collaborators who have shown support in Mendaki’s various initiatives since the formation and launch of the JUMP Campaign in 2018.

According to Mendaki SENSE’s website, the JUMP Campaign was launched back in May 2018, during its annual Career Fair. JUMP is an initiative that encourages the community to be constantly on the move to seek out lifelong learning and personal development opportunities that support their journey in pursuing their career or returning to the workforce.

The Career Fair is a platform where those looking for jobs can be interviewed on-site by organisations that match their skill sets. On other hand, those looking to upgrade their skills can sign up for relevant courses as well. Coddle was one of the organisations that the community could apply for during the fair.

With Mendaki giving Coddle the opportunity to be one of the available organisations at the Career Fair, many of the beneficiaries have definitely benefited from the Career Fair as some have secured jobs and upgraded their skills for lifelong learning. Coddle will be at this year’s “JUMP WITH SENSE CAREER FAIR” on 19 October 2019, Saturday.

If you are looking to make a difference in the eldercare sector, do drop by our booth for more information at Nee Soon Central Community Club, 1 Northpoint Drive, #01-201, Singapore 768019. The Career Fair will be from 10:30am to 5pm.

We look forward to seeing you!


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