Coddle provides help to accompany your loved ones for medical appointments when you need it.


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Medical Accompaniment

Trained Coddlers will accompany your loved ones for medical appointments – picking them up from homes and ensuring they are well looked after till they are safely home. Upon your request, Coddlers will also note down instructions by physicians, making sure you are kept informed.


Coddlers are also available to accompany your loved ones for daily activities i.e. getting a haircut or taking them on their daily walks in the park. They also provide a keen listening ear for your loved one when home caregivers are busy at work.

Why Choose Coddle?


Whether it’s for a short walk in the park, or a routine medical appointment, Coddle is the perfect care option that you can call on in the event of unforeseen circumstances. With the help of a Coddler, your loved ones will not be compromising on their quality of life.


Caregiving duties can create tension between family members and stress for primary caregiver. Taking occasional time-out with the help of Coddlers can help relieve the pressure off caregiving duties. Besides, the paid leaves that you saved up can now be used for bringing your loved one for a holiday.


All our Coddlers are individually handpicked to ensure they have the right qualities to perform their duties to the highest of standards. Coddlers are not just caregivers, they can be great friends for your loved ones too.

Our Coddlers


$19 / hr

*Additional rates may apply for public holidays. Discount available for long term arrangements.

What are our customers saying?

I was a little hesitant to try Coddle because it is rather new. But I am glad I did because they helped me to find someone so quickly.

Hui Sin
Working Adult

My dad had a stroke and I needed someone to help me with taking care of him as my helper is away. I decided to give Coddle a try because the other agencies could not locate someone for me. I have to say, I am quite impressed with the Coddler they sent down, and she could even do basic exercises for my dad.

Working Adult

My mum has mild dementia, and only speaks Cantonese and basic Mandarin. Thankfully, Coddle let me (and her) review a few Coddlers who fit my requirements. It takes her a while to warm up to a new caregiver, and now she clicks very well with Coddler Rachel.

Working Adult

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