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Frequently Asked Questions (Coddler)

Anyone with a passion to work with seniors are invited to join us as Coddlers. Selected individuals may also be required to attend training to ensure that they are equipped with the know-hows to be a competent medical chaperone.
Absolutely! Coddle partners with established caregiver trainers to help bring inexperienced Coddlers up to speed on what they will need to know as a medical chaperone. Sign up today and we will walk you through the process.
Coddle has partnered with established training providers to create a training program to upskill Coddlers before they are sent for assignments. All Coddlers are required to attend training before they can take on assignments. If you have prior experience or received similar training before, do let us know and it’ll be taken into consideration.
Coddlers are paid at the end of every week through direct deposit to your designated bank account. However, as we allow a 3 days dispute period, payment for assignments in the current week will only be paid the week after.
We do not encourage Coddlers to use their own car for two reasons: 1) Your vehicle will need to have commercial insurance to cover yourself and the care recipient during the trip. 2) It will be difficult to quantify the amount to be priced for the distance and duration travelled, as well as parking fees incurred. Coddle will not be accountable for disputes on transport arrangements made privately.
What’s great about Coddle is the flexibility that it provides – there is no requirement to work minimum hours. We want to make it as flexible as possible so individuals are fully empowered to determine the number of hours that they would like to work so it aligns with their personal commitments.
Once you have your profile set up, it will be searchable by the Coddle platform and you will be shortlisted for selection when your profile matches requests from care seekers.
Unfortunately, Coddle does not allow Coddlers to define their preferred pricing at this point of time.
Expect the unexpected – as there can be unforeseen delays for medical accompaniment, we do not encourage Coddlers to take on back to back bookings. For new Coddlers, we also recommend only accepting a maximum of one booking in the morning and one booking in the afternoon to allow you ample time to understand and predict the duration needed for future appointments. In addition, we also recommend keeping a 1 hour buffer time for your next appointment, so there is ample time to commute to your next location.
The consumer may submit requests to multiple Coddlers for the same assignment to ensure a better chance at securing the service of one. Once another Coddler has accepted the request, you will see this request voided in your Coddler dashboard.
Cash payment is not encouraged to ensure payments are traceable, to minimize any potential dispute. Coddle will not be able to intervene for any dispute on payment that are not traced on our platform.
Contact us at and we will get back to you quickly!
We love questions! Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you quickly!