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About Coddle

Every senior cared for. Every family empowered. Every care provider gainfully employed.

Our mission is to provide the care services necessary to enable senior citizens to maintain the quality of lives in their golden years. As the pioneer generation of our nation, we feel the advance years of seniors should be one they are entitled to celebrate and live out with grace and dignity. Unfortunately, the current state of healthcare in Singapore is still some distance from achieving this target.

Coddle aspires to contribute in bridging this gap where there is a shortfall of healthcare professionals to deliver care services for seniors. We aim to recruit younger Singaporeans as “Coddlers” who are able to provide elder care services to seniors who require them. Coddle would like to address the misconception that elder care service is one of low job worth and envisions that becoming a Coddler is a plausible option for anyone who hopes to make a career out of providing elder care.

Coddle seeks to help family caregivers secure medical accompaniment help for the seniors at home – at anytime and anywhere. Coddle believes that families should be empowered to select a Coddler that meets their requirements but can also make an informed choice through reviews by others in the community.

Coddle is a social enterprise, with the aim to support family caregivers and their elderly with home care support, while at the same time providing employment opportunities to single mothers with young children.

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Our Beneficiary Partners

Young Women's Christian Association

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Singapore is the oldest women’s organisation in Singapore. Founded in 1875, the YWCA has always been committed to meeting the needs of our society through her active involvement in community services and its many programmes and activities.

Coddle is proud to be one of the supporting employment partners of Empowering Mum 3, a 10-week project focusing on empowering mothers to improve their employment situation.

Blessed Grace Social Services
Blessed Grace Social Services

Blessed Grace Social Services is a non-profit organization officially registered in March 2014 to benefit the community by relieving human need, particularly in the recovery of people in addictions (gambling, drugs and others), the poor, the elderly and youths at risk. 

Coddle has successfully trained and referred assignments for one of the referred beneficiaries.

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