Services Terms and Conditions

For Coddler

Updated: 17th May 2017

Our (Coddle Pte Ltd, services (“Services”) are subject to the following Terms and Conditions and our Terms of Use including our Privacy Notice. In accessing our website and using the information available at our website, you agree to the abovementioned terms and conditions.

1. Our Services

  1. Our website at “” and our mobile application (“App”) is a platform (“Platform”) that provides and furnishes relevant information on caregivers (“Coddlers”) who are registered in our database and who are providing services to persons in need of support and assistance (“Careseekers”).
  2. Our Services also include (i) linking a Careseeker with the appropriate and available Coddler for the purpose of accompanying Careseeker to a medical appointment (“Assignment”); (ii) verifying all required documents including identity documentation of both Coddlers and Careseekers, (iii) providing relevant and appropriate training to Coddlers, verifying the qualification of Coddlers, accepting and (iv) arranging payments and receipts for the above services (“Services”) provided.

2. Terms and Conditions for Coddlers

  1. Our Services are specified in clause 1 and primarily link your offer of an Assignment to our Careseekers. It is your responsibility to state your terms and conditions in your profile that is uploaded on our Platform. Your terms and conditions should accurately reflect how you will carry out your services during the Assignment. The support, assistant and guide services rendered during an Assignment are services rendered by you directly to Careseeker.
  2. You agree that we may assess your capabilities and qualifications and train you in certain areas of deficit that we may observe in the course of our assessment of your capability and qualification. If our assessment concludes that you require training in certain areas of deficit, we may arrange training for you in order for you to be better qualified in providing Services. If such training comes with a cost, you agree to bear such costs in order to be qualified.
  3. Your profile advertised on our Platform is an invitation to the Careseeker to offer you the Assignment based on your representation of the terms and conditions as to how you will execute the Assignment. Careseeker then offers the Assignment to you by stating his / her requirements. Booking completes when you accept Careseeker’s offer of the requirements through our Platform.
  4. Your obligations vis a vis the Assignment is to Careseeker. You are not employed by us. The Platform serves to bring offers by Careseekers to you of Assignments for you to take on a free-lance basis.
  5. You agree that it is your duty and responsibility to immediately notify us if you realise that the Careseeker for your Assignment does not fit the description provided by us on the Platform or does not accept the terms and conditions represented by you on your profile in our Platform.
  6. You agree and undertake that you use our Platform and database to place your profile for Careseekers to search for a suitable Coddler and shall not privately arrange with any Careseeker who registers on our Platform for an Assignment nor privately arrange any payment from a Careseeker for any service without going through our Platform.
  7. You also agree and undertake to indemnify us for the loss of earnings should you be in breach of the undertaking and term in clause 2(6) above.
  8. You agree and acknowledge that once our records reveal a trace of your attempt at contacting the Careseeker, you are deemed to have made use of our Services and agreed to the terms herein.
  9. You agree and acknowledge that once you have accepted the Careseeker’s offer, the Booking is complete. Payment for your services in the Assignment will be routed to your designated account on the following Friday after the Assignment completes. In the event of any dispute, Payment will be made once the dispute is settled with an express confirmation by all parties concerned.
  10. An Assignment is deemed complete (“Complete”) once you manage to fetch Careseeker back to his / her designated address safely. The designated address (“Designated Address”) shall be the same as that where you pick Careseeker up at the onset of Assignment unless otherwise stated in his / her requirements at the time of Booking.
  11. All expenses incurred for transport during an Assignment are to be borne by Careseeker.

3. Payment, Cancellation, Refund

(A) You agree to the following payment-process:

  1. Once you receive notification of an offer of Assignment, you begin by keying in your acceptance of an Assignment.
  2. The Booking is Complete once you accept or once your Revision is accepted.
  3. If you cancel a Booking, there will be no payment to you.
  4. You agree that negative ratings may be assigned to your account for each completed Booking that is cancelled by you.
  5. When an Assignment is complete, you will receive payment for that Assignment completed by you in your designated bank account on the following Friday from the date the Assignment completes.

4. Waivers, Disclaimers & Other Terms

  1. For purposes of the Assignment, you may collect or come into contact with information personal and private to the Careseeker. You agree that it is your obligation to keep such information private and confidential and undertake to do so.
  2. By virtue of Clause 2, we are not responsible for your personal safety during the Assignment and any liability for personal injury or death occurring during the Assignment is expressly excluded in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. You will use your endeavours to keep in mind Careseeker’s instructions and requirements rendered at Booking. You undertake to ensure that no mishap or accident should occur during an Assignment through any act, omission, negligence or fault on your part.
  4. You agree that in the event of any dispute in this agreement, you shall resolve the dispute by way of mediation conducted by us before you refer the dispute to the Small Claims Tribunal.
  5. This agreement is governed by the laws of Singapore.
  6. Any amendment of any term by any party to this agreement shall be agreed by both parties and made in writing such as the email.
  7. If any Term or Condition contradicts any regulation or statute, the rest of the Terms and Conditions are still effective, legal and binding.
  8. You acknowledge that you have read the other conditions of being a Coddler at ( and agree to them once you register yourself as a Coddler in our Platform.