12th July 2017

Feature by ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship)

Co-founder of Coddle, Adrian Chan’s Never Too Early attitude inspired him to sign up for the HR Capability Workshop (formerly known as the Introductory HR Course for Startups) by ACE. Recently, ACE News covered Adrian’s learnings from the HR Capability Workshop he attended previously.

The HR Capability Workshop is organized monthly by ACE to equip start-ups with fundamental domain knowledge and critical skills in human resource management and development. For Coddle, a startup that is committed to helping people through medical chaperone and befriending services, having a sound and robust HR management framework will certainly lay the foundation for their own people – and their business – to grow.

“Dealing with people is a delicate business. Good HR management will benefit not only our staff but also our growing family of Coddlers and care seekers,” said Adrian.

Adrian highlighted that the application of HR concepts and frameworks is key to getting the most value out of the workshop. He shared with ACE that he learns best from relating a concept to his own situation. “As I’m listening to the speaker, I’m already thinking about how I can apply what he’s saying to real-life situations. I like to try to connect the dots on the spot, so I can also raise questions that are relevant to my context and gain even more practical knowledge in a single session,” he added.

For Adrian, this workshop was a great experience that provided him with many insights about people management. The Coddle Team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to ACE for the affirmative write-up on home care start-up Coddle.

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