18th June 2017

Feature by Capital 95.8FM

Coddler Interview with Capital 958

Coddle was featured by local Mandarin radio station, Capital 95.8FM, on the morning of 17 June 2017, during its special radio segment < 步步追踪重温>. This particular episode looked into home care issues such as: nobody at home to accompany aged parents for checkups; short-term care for patients recovering from a fall or surgery; and accompaniment services for people staying alone.

Regarded as a solution to the challenges of population ageing, social enterprises that offered home care services came under the spotlight. Coddle was one of the social enterprises that was interviewed, and we were introduced as one of the winners in raiSE’s inaugural LeapForGood Programme.

It was a surprise when Catherine Lim from Capital 95.8FM reached out to us, but we readily agreed to share more information. She carried out a short interview with one of our Co-Founders, Adrian Chan, along with a Coddler, Carolyn Chan.

“The increasing demand for home care services can be attributed to the shortage of healthcare facilities and professionals such as hospital beds and nurses”, Adrian commented.

Coddle shared that the task of building awareness and receptivity to home care services was more challenging than expected, despite understanding that many may require such services. “This is possibly due to the conservative Asian culture, where trusting a stranger to assist you is still not widely accepted”, Adrian added.

Capital 95.8FM then highlighted to the audience that charges for Coddle’s services are competitively priced, and how most Coddlers are locals that have undergone proper training prior to any service provision.

Wrapping up the interview, Carolyn described her first experience as a care companion. “I was assigned to assist an elderly lady that recently had a fall. Despite that, she was a bubbly and independent individual. Apart from providing physical assistance, I cooked for her and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the many stories she shared with me.”

Carolyn is a university graduate that chanced upon Coddle, while searching for her full time job. After two successful interviews with The Coddle Team, she came on board and went through proper caregiving training. “Compared to other part time jobs, I feel that this is much more meaningful”, said Carolyn.

The Coddle Team would like to sincerely thank Catherine and Capital 95.8FM for this opportunity to be part of a radio broadcast. This experience has been interesting, and we hope to share more with your listeners in the future as well!

P.S. Adrian’s Chinese will be better next time.

You can listen to the segment here.