15th June 2017

Feature by Ageless Online: The newest kid on the block

Adrian and Robin

Recently, Coddle had the privilege of being featured on Ageless Online. Ageless Online is an online magazine for seniors, which contains a comprehensive array of articles on health, finance, and products specifically catered towards the seniors. It is founded by Eleanor Yap, who is the director and the editor for Ageless Online.

In the feature, we shared about Coddle’s journey till date and The Coddle Team. We also had the chance to share about the services that we provide to families, and more importantly, the findings from our market survey. Here at Coddle, we mainly focus on medical chaperone and befriending services, which differs from the standard home care services often provided. In fact, Coddle is better positioned as a community care provider, where we hope to address the gaps that are often overlooked when basic healthcare needs are met.

For the second part of the feature, we covered more about our Coddlers, the caregivers that are providing care companionship. It may be surprising that our Coddlers comes from all walks of life, spanning from the younger generation of students, to home makers and even retirees. Despite the different personalities and background of these individuals, they have one trait in common, which is the passion to help seniors age gracefully with dignity and comfort. Our Coddlers undergo basic home care training, to provide services in the home care space that may not necessarily require nursing professionals to do so.

Last but not least, we discussed the importance of maintaining service quality, while also continuously improving our services and booking process.

The Coddle Team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Eleanor and Ageless Online for giving us the opportunity to share what Coddle is about, and why we are passionate to improve eldercare in Singapore.

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