FAQ Careseeker

How does the rating for Coddler work?

Upon completion of each Coddle booking, both care seeker and Coddler will be asked to rate and provide a review of their experience of the session. Such feedback will help Coddle improve our services and aid new Coddle users in the selection of Coddlers. Coddle is committed to providing high […]

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How do I make payment for Coddle’s service?

With the aim of providing a seamless experience for users of Coddle, payment for Coddle services will be secured cashless transactions made online or via the Coddle app powered by BrainTree which supports payment through most credit cards issued by major banks.

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Is transport provided for the service?

Transport is not included with the Coddler service that you have booked. However, the integration of transport options is in the pipeline to provide a seamless medical chaperone service to careseekers. As of now, please ensure that careseekers have cash in hand for public commute purpose.

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