11th December 2017

Coddle Christmas Guide For Seniors: 8 Gift Ideas

This is the third and final part of Coddle Christmas guide. If you have not seen the first 2 parts, you may want to check out part 1: Coddle Christmas Guide: 11 Places to eat and part 2: Coddle Christmas Guide: 8 Places to go to!


A casual interview with a couple of seniors led us to realize that sometimes, senior would just prefer a practical present which will make their lives safer, healthier or more functional. Hence, in our final part our Christmas guide, we have listed 8 practical present ideas that might be able to improve their quality of life.

Happy gifting!


1. Specialized Cushion footwear

Comfortable Shoes

Seniors are particularly prone to foot problems. As feet age, they tend to lose cushioning, and with time or neglect, skin and nails become drier and brittle. Hence, seniors are particularly prone to foot problems. It may be wise to get their feet properly measured and fitted in order to get them shoes which can help protect their feet. Here are some footwear specialized stores which provide consultation and foot assessment and measurement services:

  • The ShoeCo – footwear specialists providing their customers with shoes which balance function and fashion. They believe that orthotic friendly shoes need not be ugly. Their brands include Arche, BeautiFeel, Dr. Comfort, Solidus, Vionic and Ziera. You can also book a consultation with them to get your senior’s feet properly measured and fitted.
  • Happy Walker – a health and wellness franchise that focus on foot care, comfort, orthopaedic, diabetic shoes and custom made arch support / orthopaedic insoles. They have 11 outlets all over Singapore. There, your senior can undergo a gait analysis to find out more about their feet and foot supports that can help them improve posture or reduce foot pain / problems.
  • Feet Care – a specialized one-stop store in Singapore for all feet related needs. Feet Care provides custom-made insoles, shoes and has a good collection of sandals, slippers and foot care products. For seniors who have mobility challenges, Feet Care is able to visit their homes for product fitting.


2. Modern Walking Cane

Cane Collective

Not all seniors want to use their cane all the time, most of them said they want to try as best they could to walk without assistance, some said it makes them look weak, others just thought the cane is too bulky and ugly.

Whichever the reason, we believe that you can find a cane that can fit your senior at The Golden Concept; from foldable ones to one with seat! We recommend its best-selling cane: Rainbow cane which is lightweight, foldable and comes with adjustable height. It wacky combination of bright colours will definitely cheer your elders up when they use it for walking.

Even if your folks are blessed with an agile body and don’t need a cane, we will still advice you to give The Golden Concept a look as they have quite an extensive range of eldercare products, you may just find something really helpful to encourage your seniors to stay active and healthy.


3. Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest

Hog Wild Bookrest

For seniors who love to read, here’s the best gift for them – lap or bed bookrest to give their arms a rest from holding heavy books. The Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest is a uniquely shaped pillow that props a book or Kindle at the perfect angle for reading. Your seniors can simply place the spine of their book into the ledge of the Peeramid and free their hands to take notes or snack! For the tech-savvy seniors, they can also use this bookrest to hold their iPad as they surf and read comfortably in their recliner, on the couch or even in bed.

Though a great gift idea, getting it is a tad troublesome as we couldn’t find a retailer in Singapore that sells that. You have to order online, through Amazon, you can also get from Qoo10 but the colour and designs are limited.


4. Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac D3 Robot Vacuum

Old age can make keeping up with household chores more challenging. A robot vacuum would be the ideal gift to help your senior in cleaning places where it’s hard to reach with their age, like under beds, tables and chairs. You may like to consider Neato Botvac Connect, which had the magic combination of good suction and agility that makes it largely self-sufficient. It also has a clever D-Shape design (different from its usual round-shaped counterparts) that allows it to clean close to walls and into corners.

To our knowledge, there isn’t a retailer that carries Neato but you purchase it online from Astell, the sole distributor for Neato Robotics products in Singapore. If you’re interested to find out more or do a comparison, here’s an extensive review of the various brands of robot vacuum.


5. Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier and Fan

Dyson Fan

In our opinion, the best gift for your elderly loved ones this Christmas is this Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Purifier! As a dual-function machine, Dyson Pure Cool Link works by drawing air through a 360° glass HEPA filter and then released the clean air through the amplifier loop at a high velocity – giving you a long-range stream of cool air.

It is engineered to remove odour, bacteria, toxic fumes, airborne pollutants and captures up to 99.95% of particles as small as PM0.1 which tends to escape most other purifiers. This will be especially helpful to keep our seniors safe from breathing in harmful particles in the air during the yearly haze periods. They even have an app where you can link it to the purifier and find out the air quality of your home! You can find out more about their amazing feature here.

You can get it easily at most major electronic stores, to name a few, Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman, Tangs and Takashimaya.


6. Nokia 3310 (3G)

Nokia 3310 3G
Remember the nostalgic Nokia 3310 that almost everyone had more than 10 years ago? For seniors that are not comfortable with a smartphone, yet daunted by the news that 2G will no longer be supported by April 2018? Fret not, as the new Nokia 3310 now comes in a 3G edition, while retaining most of the interface that most people are accustomed to.

As expected, battery life on this phone is amazing, as it can go up to two weeks on a single charge with a reasonable amount of usage. Unfortunately, it does not support downloading of apps, so you will not be able to install apps like WhatsApp.

You will be able to get it from M1, StarHub, 3Mobile, selected A-Mobile outlets, Challenger, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman and Mustafa, to name a few.

Prefer a phone with more handy features? Do check out SG INO Simple 3G phone as well. Do note that there are seniors plan available from most Telco, so do consider them if your senior is not on one!


7. Theo10 Heat

Theo 10 Gift Set

It is common for seniors to be affected by some common types of aches and pains such as joint stiffness in the morning, joint pain due to arthritis or lower back and neck pain. Though it is always best not to ignore the persistent pain in any part of the body and consult a doctor quickly, sometimes they may just need some quick relief to get by the day. If that is the case, do consider getting them Theo10 HEAT, a long-lasting muscle rub that deals with tired shoulders, muscle aches and acute joint pains with its pain-relieving effect lasting up to 12 hours.

It contains capsicum extract which plays a vital role in ensuring that chronic pain caused by rheumatism is being dealt with. Moreover, the muscle rub uses only 100% natural organic ingredients so you can have a peace of mind knowing that it will be safe on your elder’s skin. You may want to check out Theo10’s Christmas Gift Set which contains 2 Theo10 SKIN (cream for insect bites and nasal congestion), 1 Theo10 HEAT and 1 limited edition gift-sized Theo10 MOISTURIZE for a bargain of just $22!


8. uPhoria Warm Leg Massager

uPhoria warm leg massager

For big families, investing in a leg massager is always a joy for the young to the old. The uPhoria Warm Leg Massager combines Osim’s signature Tui-Na with specialized leg message technology to bring warmth, energy and well-being back to your tired feet and legs.

For the seniors, the leg massager offers a pre-set lifestyle program just for seniors, using a series of gentle massage stimulation to provide soothing relief and comfort.

Usually priced at $799, the uPhoria Warm Leg Massager is now going for $749.


That’s it for the last and final part of our Christmas guide series! Did any of our suggestions help you? If so, do let us know! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


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